"While creating desserts for the menu at Le Bernardin, I'm on a constant quest for the finest ingredients possible. When it comes to almonds - in any form - I look no further than Mandelin. Their attention to detail along the entire process, from farm to kitchen, makes their product superior."
Michael Laiskonis, executive pastry chef

"To the wonderful people at Mandelin that make it possible for us bakers to obtain the gold ... Thank you! Your product is a permanent sight in my shelf."
Fernando Salazar, pastry chef

"At Lucques we strive to use locally grown products, and Mandelin provides us with just that -- beautiful and delicous whole almonds and almond paste, as well as many other almond products. We love all that Mandelin has to offer."
Christina Olufson, pastry chef

"The products from Mandelin are very high quality. One can taste the pure, natural flavor of almonds, different from other products on the market. We love to use them."
Chef Florian Bellanger, owner

"We have been using Mandelin almond products for the manufacturing of our desserts for many years. The quality of their flour, paste and sliced almonds really contributes to our high standard French pastries."
Emilie Huffling, owner

"I have not tasted almonds so pure and flavorful since being in Sicily a number of years ago. Mandelin's almonds are exquisite -- truly a delight for the palate, and a joy to use in the kitchen."
Jessica Theroux, author

"I love the Mandelin almond paste, it is a must have in the making of Swedish pastry. Santa Lucia buns made with Mandelin almond paste are pure holiday magic."
Helen Henderson, author
The Swedish Table

"Mandelin products produce superior quality pastries. I love the natural almond paste. We use it in our frangipane to aid us in achieving great texture and flavor."
Breanne Varela, pastry chef